Teachers go to camp!

Last week DeForest Area School District hosted the 2nd annual Norski Camp for staff.

NorskiCamp14 was a four-day professional learning camp held August 4-7 at the middle school for instructional and support staff.  This tech-infused camp was organized by Instructional Technology Coach Christine Rybak, Learning Information Systems Coordinator Kim Bannigan, and DASD’s Technology Integration Leadership Team.  According to Rybak, “Sessions focused on developing digital age learning experiences and assessments, modeling digital age work and learning, and engaging in professional growth.”  Over 100 staff members participated throughout the four days.

“Feedback from staff was very positive,” said Rybak.  Comments on evaluation forms included  “I have found these four days to be energizing and more helpful than I could imagine.”  “I feel empowered, encouraged, inspired, and equipped!” and “I loved it and will be taking it every year that it is offered!” #norskichat

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Summer theatre camp closes with performances July 23 and 24

Students in the 2014 DASD Summer Theatre Camp will perform plays July 23 and 24 at 6 pm in the Performing Arts Center. Sixty-seven students in grades one through nine and 20 camp counselors were involved in the camp this summer.

According to Anna Barton, one of the high school camp counselors, the theatre camp is open to 1st through incoming 9th graders, and they met 3-4 days a week for four weeks from 9 am to 12 noon.  Students learned about lighting, makeup, building sets, and acting.   They also worked on performances that they will showcase at the end of the camp to their family and friends.  The performances, which are open to the public, will be held on July 23rd and 24th at 6:00 pm.

The 1st through 5th graders will be performing Stories Under the Big Top on the 23rd, along with the 6th and 7th grades performance of Shakespeare’s Inferno. On the 24th, 8th graders will show off their dancing skills in Drama Geeks VS Zombie Cheerleaders; while the 9th graders will perform Highschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy

DAMS student recites 378 digits of “Pi”

IMG_0861Each year students in Jodi Acker’s 6th grade math class on the Badger Team participate in a “Pi” memorization contest.  The competition concludes a unit where students learn about formulas, especially those that deal with circles.  According to Acker, “The number pi is the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. It’s approximately equal to 3.14159265, although the digits go on forever.”

Acker gives her students a chance to memorize as many digits of “Pi” as possible.  Each of her math classes had a preliminary contest and then finals on Friday, June 6.  Students earned prizes for reciting for memory as many digits of Pi as possible.

According to Acker, “there were ten participants in the final competition, and the biggest year ever.” Samantha Schaeffer won the contest memorizing 378 digits of Pi, This was over 100 digits more than last year. In second place was Shane Vandommelen with 350, third place was Brooke Buhr with 268 digits, fourth place, Ellie Esser with 232 digits; fifth place, Eliot Pickhardt with 231 digits; sixth place, Leah Doucette with 220 digits; seventh place, Adam Horton with 193; eighth place, Adam White with 173 digits; ninth place, Cassie Wendt with 170 digits; and in tenth place, Bryn Disch with 87 digits. Congratulations to all the contestants for working hard on memorizing all those numbers.

Cameron Soat named First Chair Winner

WISC, The Madison Area Music Association and Heid Music recently announced that DAHS Sophomore Cameron Soat has been selected as the 1st Chair winner for June 2014.  Cameron will be invited to the Sunday, June 22nd MAMA Awards Show at the Overture Center where he will be honored along with the other eight 1st Chair winners.  WISC and their sister television station TVW will be featuring Cameron in a series of promotional spots that will run June 10-21.


Grandparents Day Luncheons

20140410_120127DSC02020100_385920140410_113904Nearly 1,000 grandparents and older adults enjoyed lunch with students in April and May during the 22nd annual Back-to-School Lunches.
In addition, several older adults also attended a reception (sponsored by GSA) and afternoon preview performance of the high school’s spring play, “Exit the Body,” on April 23.

These annual events are sponsored by each school and LINK-ages, a school/community organization recognizing the talents of all age groups.

Elmer McLaughlin Memorial Concert celebrated over 80 years of music education at DASD

Richard Fellenz and Linda Meier

Richard Fellenz and Linda Meier

Pictured are current and former middle and high school choral and band directors, L-R:  Claire Ma, David Buehler, Sussanah Sasman, Brandon Bautz, Carol Kalscheuer, Mark Sieger, James Skaleski, Richard Fellenz, Nathan Pierce, Linda Meier, Maggie Condon, Danielle Iskandarani, and Mike Bjork.  Not pictured:  Robin Edmiston and Clare Malinowski.

Pictured are current and former middle and high school choral and band directors, L-R: Claire Ma, David Buehler, Sussanah Sasman, Brandon Bautz, Carol Kalscheuer, Mark Sieger, James Skaleski, Richard Fellenz, Nathan Pierce, Linda Meier, Maggie Condon, Danielle Iskandarani, and Mike Bjork. Not pictured: Robin Edmiston and Clare Malinowski.

The DeForest Area High School Music Department celebrated more than 80 years of music education on Thursday, May 8, with the first annual Elmer McLaughlin Memorial Band Concert.

Instrumental band students performed under the direction of special guest conductors, and former DeForest Band Directors, Richard Fellenz (1968-2000), Mark Sieger (1981-2012), Nathan Pierce (2006-2009), and David Buehler (2009-2012).

Former DeForest Choir Directors Linda Meier, Carol Kauscher, and Claire Ma were also in attendance to help celebrate the event. Jean McLaughlin, Elmer’s wife, was in attendance and presented the Elmer McLaughlin Scholarship. She received a bouquet of flowers from the band students and received a standing ovation from all band and audience members for her years of service with Elmer in the Music Department at DeForest. Orrie Walsvik, Elmer’s grandson, was the Emcee for the concert.

During the evening the induction of the Linda Meier and Richard Fellenz awards were announced.  Meier and Fellenz were present with the induction of these awards. It was modeled after their passion for excellence in Music Education. Peter Weikert was the recipient of the Richard Fellenz Band Award. Erika Schultz received the Linda Meier Choral Award.

Josh Marineau received the Mark Sieger Scholarship and Elise Walker received the Elmer McLaughlin Music Scholarship. Josh Marineau and Natasha Hiebing were recipients of the Semper Fidelis Band Award. Brandon  Houldsworth received the Quincy Jones Musicianship Award. Drew Freund received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. Toni Camilleri received the Patrick Gilmore Award and Becca Breiter received the John Philip Sousa Band Award. All seniors received a special gift courtesy of the DeForest Area Music Parents.

DAHS band and choir selected to entertain at Walt Disney World

DAHS Band Director Brandon Bautz and Vocal Music Director Maggie Condon received letters today from Disney . . .
“Congratulations!  You have been selected by Disney Performing Arts to be part of the entertainment at the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort!  We look forward to seeing you!

Find us on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DisneyPerformingArts


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