DAHS Diversity Workshop

Image of Students with Diversity Trainer, Santo Carfora
Students with Santo Carfora, Diversity Trainer

On October 11, over 60 high school students participated in a “Unity through Diversity” workshop with Santo Carfora, a private consultant in human relations and diversity training for schools and businesses.

The interactive multicultural workshop included ice breakers, group discussions and reflective activities, with the goal of giving students the tools needed to help combat prejudices and explore intolerance in their school. According to Carfora’s website, “we provide a vital starting point that can get everyone thinking, talking and acting.”

High school staff organized the morning session to be more culturally-responsive to the changing demographics at the high school. “Students enjoyed the workshop and several have asked to “go the next step” and spread the information to the rest of the school,” said assistant principal Doug Crowley.