DASD is awarded $450,000 PEP grant

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced that the DeForest Area School District has been selected to receive  a Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant in the amount of $458,111, with additional funding through 2013, totaling over $1 million.

 The grant, written by DASD Phy Ed/Health teachers this past spring, is entitled, “Learning to Move–Moving to Learn Project”.  According to the grant abstract, the project will address six program elements (see below). K-12 Phy. Ed. and Health teachers, led by David O’Keefe, Donna Meske, and Robyn Tisch, met for a year and half prior to submitting the grant proposal in July. Receiving the grant will allow the District to develop an assessment-oriented, comprehensive K-12 physical education program designed to help students make meeting state standards. The intent is to improve the DASD physical education and health program by providing new and innovative tools to enhance, differentiate, and motivate student learning experiences, leading to healthy lifestyle choices.

DeForest was one of 77 successful applications selected from a pool of 481 submissions!

The “Learning to Move–Moving to Learn Project” (PEP grant) will address six program elements:

Element 1:  Utilize personal assessment technology to assist students in understanding, monitoring, and improving their personal health. Implement authentic assessments and instructional tools to help students and staff monitor personal assessment plans. Improve curriculum K-12 by creating a K-12 scope and sequence that reflects the “new PE”; update and align curriculum with state standards.

Element 2: Create a variety of activities that will provide opportunities for each student to be successful. Motivate students to take charge of their personal fitness and desire to be active for a lifetime. Encourage students to utilize community resources while outside of schools.

Element 3: Reinforce school cultures that emphasize character and acceptance. Develop concepts of fitness from various professionals in the health and wellness industry. Proide new and varied units and activities that highlight movement to promote learning.

Element 4: Students will be given opportunities to organize and implement various activities. Promote outdoor adventure activities that instill social interaction and cooperation. Provide physical activities that provide observable success for each student.

Element 5: Invest in new nutrition curricula, develop local partnerships and promotional activities that encourage nutritious eating habits.

Element 6: Establish a support system to monitor and manage the PEP grant. Develop a working relationship with the community to support PEP activities. Increase professional development through workshops, conferences, and conventions. Develop a Learning to Move-Moving to Learn summit with area communities.

More information about the Carol M. White Physical Education Program:  http://www2.ed.gov/programs/whitephysed/index.html

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