YES PTA jump starts mobile learning

Superintendent Jon Bales, Yahara Elementary School Principal Mike Weisensel, YES PTA Co-Presidents Margaret McMahon and Dawn Riemer, Learning Information Systems Coordinator Kim Bannigan

The Yahara Elementary School PTA recently presented $5,000 to Yahara Elementary School to jump start mobile learning for students.  PTA officers are working with Kim Bannigan, the school district’s learning information systems coordinator to develop a classroom set of mobile learning devices, such as iPod Touches, that can be used inside and outside of the school building.  According to Bannigan, the handheld devices offer an opportunity for anytime, anywhere learning. They support many subject areas without tying students to a computer lab, classroom or even the school building.  “More and more educational applications are being developed for mobile devices.  Students can practice literacy skills in both math and language.  When on a field trip or visiting the Big Hill, they can use the devices as small computers for notes, pictures, and more.  Or in science classes, they can use the devices for data collection inside and outside. We’re excited about the possibilities, and are thankful to the PTA for helping to pilot this type of educational tool with young children,” said Bannigan.

            The devices are scheduled to be ready for YES students by the end of January.

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