DAMS Recycle Forward

Students at DeForest Area Middle School are participating in Recycle Forward, an innovative program that recycles used technology to raise money for new technology for schools, and is asking community members for help. 

Students are recycling used cell phones, inkjet and laser cartridges, laptops, PDAs, iPods, video games, GPS Systems, DVD’s, scientific and graphing calculators, LCD monitors and digital cameras.

How can you help? You can turn your trash into their treasure while feeling good about helping the environment. Most people have old cell phones to dispose of, and almost everyone uses cartridges, either at home or at work, in fax machines, copiers and printers. By donating these used items you can assist DeForest Area Middle School with earning funds to provide today’s students with the technical education they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce.

DAMS is organizing a community drive January 3-28, at the DeForest Area Middle School and is asking that community members and businesses show their support by dropping off items.

To learn more about DeForest Area Middle School’s program, please call Elisa Welch at 608-842-6173. 

Recycle Forward brings technology from closets to classrooms. It is an innovative recycling program that raises money for technology in schools. This program is a collaborative effort between Cartridges for Kids (www.cfktoday.com), a recycling program that pays cash to schools, and Digital Wish (www.digitalwish.org), a non-profit that works to bring technology into the hands of educators.

To learn more about Recycle Forward please visit www.recycleforwardnow.org

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