School District and Police Department Recognize Adult Crossing Guards

Bette helping kid cross the street

This week Wisconsin observed its annual Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition.  Superintendent Jon Bales and Lieutenant (and DeForest Police Chief) Dan Furseth visited with the school district’s adult crossing guards, Nora Geach, Bette McMillin, and George Schultz.   [This is Nora’s first year as an adult crossing guard, Bette’s 11th year, and George’s 18th year!] Bales and Furseth thanked them for their service to the school district and community, and presented each with a certificate of appreciation.  District officials also want to publicly recognize the elementary schools’ educational assistants who regularly provide crossing guard-related services:  Yahara Elementary – Holly Bach and Lori Grundahl; Windsor Elementary – Joy Ihland, Kris Harbort, and Beth Trotter.

Lt. Dan Furseth, Superintendent Jon Bales, and Nora Geach.

Adult school crossing guards typically serve with a dedication that belies the rigors of harsh weather and heavy traffic.  They provide a valuable service in helping to ensure the safety of our children walking between home and school.

Bette McMillin, Lt. Dan Furseth, Dr. Jon Bales

The recognition event was developed in Wisconsin through a collaborative partnership of agencies and organizations representing the state, county, and local levels. The members of the partnership include:  Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Milwaukee Police Department, Wisconsin Traffic Safety Officers Association, Madison Police Department, Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association, Superior Police Department, Wisconsin Highway Safety Coordinators Association, AAA Wisconsin, Wisconsin Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association, and Traffic & Parking Control Company Inc.

George Schultz, Lt. Dan Furseth, Dr. Jon Bales

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