Early Learning Fair – 4K Registration March 3

DASD 4K LogoThe DeForest Area School District will hold an Early Learning Fair & 4K Registration for all families within the DeForest Area School District with 4-year-old children.  The event will take place on Thursday, March 3, from 12 noon to 7:00 pm at the Holum Education Center.

Parents will register their child for the new community-based four-year-old kindergarten program, called “Get Together 4 Kids (GT4K),” which begins in fall 2011. Children will be enrolled in the DeForest area School District’s GT4K program and taught at a local community preschool/childcare.  All community preschool/childcare partners will be available on March 3 to provide information and answer questions.

In addition, free vision, dental and hearing screening will be offered, with private consultations for parents to discuss early learning issues with educational professionals.  Several community members will also be on hand to provide information about resources for parents.  Each child will receive a free t-shirt and book, thanks to generous donations from community sponsors.

For more information or answers to questions about 4K registration or the Early Learning Fair, visit www.deforest.k12.wi.us/gt4khome or call Peg Reis at 842-6579 or Judi Ramsett at 842-6556.

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