DMS Bio-Link 2011

Karen Laufenberg with two participants of Bio-Link

On Wednesday, May 25, 6th grade students in Debra Shepherd-Wundrow’s reading class invited 20 older adults to a “tea” to celebrate the completion of the 20th Annual BIO-Link project. Through this six-week project, students interviewed their older adult partner, documenting their biographies and other stories. At the tea, students read excerpts from the biographies and presented a copy of the book to their older adult partner.  Over 250 older adults have participated in the program during the last 20 years, and a bound copy of this material is available for checkout at the DeForest Public Library.

The event was bittersweet for Shepherd-Wundrow, as it was her last BIO-Link project.  She is retiring at the end of this school year.  According to School/Community Relations Coordinator Debbie Brewster, “Debi is to be commended on her efforts to promote one-to-one relationships between her students and older adults.  She and fellow teacher Susan Hoffman, co-chairs of the district’s LINK-ages committee, have done so much to develop intergenerational programs for our district – all benefiting students, families, and older persons in the DeForest Area community. They both will be surely missed.” (Hoffman is also retiring at the end of this year.)

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