2011-12 budget development

Developing the 2011-12 school budget presents many challenges for the DeForest Area School District Board of Education. The Governor’s proposed biennium budget calls for approximately $1.7 million less in revenue for the DASD for each of the next two years. While the District has been in static enrollment the last few years and declining in the revenue it is allowed by the state, the level of these proposed cuts is beyond what the District has experienced previously. The Board is charged with finding a way to cut expenses, preserve highly qualified staff, change programs and delivery of programs while providing the same quality for less money, and sustain the effectiveness of the system as resources diminish.

At the beginning of the process this spring, the Board and staff established a set of guiding principles to shape the budget development process. Using these guidelines, there are several major areas being examined to help reduce the budget. These areas for consideration are posted on the DASD website and this News Blog.  Other budget-related information is also available, plus an opportunity for residents to provide thoughts and ideas for the board and staff to consider.

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