DAHS Shakespeare

Ron Fry and Emma Loney
DAHS freshman Emma Loney participates in a sketch with Fry.

Actor Ron Scot Fry brought the historical figure of William Shakespeare to life for students in Jan Williams’ English classes on Tuesday, March 6.  Fry, who is the Artistic Director of the Optimist Theatre in Milwaukee, brought to DeForest “To Be! Shakespeare Here and Now,” an interactive presentation that combines dynamic interpretations of some of Shakespeare’s most famous works with a humorous look at life in Renaissance England.

Freshman David Barrett observed, “It was fun and I learned a lot,” as he hurled Shakespearean insults to another student.  Bryce Berg found the performance “very entertaining and kept me involved.”  Jan Williams learned during the question and answer segment that Ron Fry had taught and worked with a former DeForest drama student, Jen Spridco, who now acts with a touring company, Suitcase Shakespeare.

Fry presented two performances to high school students during the school day and then brought Shakespeare to the DeForest area community the same evening at the DeForest Area Public Library.

The program, which a collaborative project between the DeForest Area High School’s English Department and the DeForest Area Public Library, and subsidized by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council (WHM).

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