Give Me One Good Reason!

 by Jon Bales, DASD Superintendent (published by the DeForest Times-Tribune, 3/15/12)

Actually, I intend to give you several reasons why the DeForest Area School District offers the students, families and the other citizens in this community a high value for their investment in schools. Why our schools are special.

The current members of the Board of Education (BOE) place a high priority on both supporting and hosting a wide variety of extra and co-curricular activities for children of all ages.  In fact, one of the primary goals as stated by the BOE is to engage in activities that “build community and add value”. Today, the District offers upwards of eighty different activities for students and families to participate in. Few districts of our size anywhere can rival that!

From parent activities and learning sessions for families with  4 year old kindergartners, to after school activities for children through the YMCA, to municipal Parks and Recreation programs and classes, to Open Gym for preschoolers to play together and bring young parents to enjoy and learn from one another, to organized performance areas in drama, dance, singing and instrumental music, to special interest groups such as FFA, Spanish Club, and Leo Club, to our 19 sanctioned athletic programs for men and women, to a whole host of practical experiences like work practicums, student government and working in partnership with senior citizens … there is no lack of opportunity for children in this community to enrich their environment beyond the classroom.  And by the way, our students excel at all of these things! Just read the DeForest Times Tribune or check the DASD News Blog or Website!

Why do we do all of this? Not simply because it enriches students’ lives … though it does. Not just because it gives parents and the larger community something to cheer and be proud of … though it certainly does (How about those men and women Norski athletes, drama, vocal and instrumental artists, Future Business and FFA Leaders, Forensic and Mock Trial members and dramatic actors again this year!).  Not just because students of all ages have so much to offer the greater community through their energy and talent … though they obviously do.

We do this because in addition to the academic grounding we want all students to have, we want them to become young adults who appreciate the value in contributing to something bigger than them.  Who appreciate the value of hard work, commitment, team efforts, dedication, personal sacrifice, social responsibility, service to others and civic leadership. Young adults who are self-confident and able to realize their wide abilities and talents. Young people who enthusiastically participate in things they love … and are really good at! When young adults exhibit these traits and attributes in our larger community,  it is of high value to us all.  Just another reason to be a proud member of the Norski Nation.

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