Grandparent Lunches

Mark your calendars! The annual elementary and middle school lunches for grandparents and older adults will be held in April and May. All guests are invited to eat with a grandchild or classroom of their choice. The meal is free although donations are accepted. 

Reservations must be made prior to the scheduled lunch by calling the school offices. The dates and numbers to call are as follows:

DeForest Area Middle School: April 12, 842-6000

Eagle Point Elementary School: May 16 (Last name A-L), May 17 (M-Z), 842-6200

Morrisonville Elementary School: May 16, 846-6542

Windsor Elementary School: May 17 (A-L), May 18 (M-Z), 842-6300

Yahara Elementary School: April 11 (A-L), April 13 (M-Z), 842-6400

The events are sponsored byLINK-ages, a school/community intergenerational committee.

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