DAMS Video Documentries

Pictured:(list L-R) Courtney Ramsett, Shelby Medsker, Stephanie Wall, Allison Perales, Zina Thao, Cameron Soat, John Mc Closkey, and Julius Bellin.

Students in Laura Kruschek’s 8th grade Digital Communications class at DeForest Area Middle School are producing video documentaries about older adults in the community. This month 70 students met with nearly 15 volunteers, videotaping interviews with each of them about their life experiences.

All of the volunteers had interesting stories to share about family traditions, influential people in their lives, obstacles they have had to overcome, historical events, their career paths and accomplishments, and how technology has changed over time.

One volunteer, 93-year-old Julius Bellin, caught the attention of students when he shared photographs and stories from his time in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  Bellin only recently told about his experiences from 68 years ago to the author of No Surrender. True Stories of the U.S. Navy Armed Guard in World War II.

The students will produce their documentaries and share with their volunteers at a reception on June 1.

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