Business partner helps students learn to reduce pollution

Pictured with Tom Nowakowski are Brandon Vang, Evan Ridd, Mikey Buchanan, and Zach Copus.

With the help of business partner Tom Nowakowski, from the Wisconsin DNR, students in Barb Bauer’s 4th grade class at Windsor Elementary School researched some of the 10 most polluted cities in the US and then simulated how to make them “green”. They came up with alternate sources of energy and creative transportation ideas such as zip lines between buildings, not allowing cars, high speed trains, etc.  Nowakowski will be putting a few of the projects on display at his office in Madison.

Nowakowski and Bauer have been working together for several years as part of the school’s Adopt-a-Class program, sponsored by the DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce Education Committee.   The program provides an opportunity for local businesspeople to help teachers provide elementary school students with an insight into future careers, learn appropriate work ethics, and apply school work to the world outside of the classroom.  There are currently 18 adopt-a-class partnerships in the DeForest Area School District.

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