DAHS Forensics ends successful season

by Megan Miller, Kelli Susee, and Clare Hoffman

The DeForest Area High School Forensics Team had a great start to the year with a rousing number of new members. Head Coach, Tom August, as well as assistant coaches Jan Williams, Brittany Vanderbilt, Jenny Bergs, and Chandra Harvey, were excited by such an outstanding turnout. The excitement continued to progress as the team triumphantly trophied at a majority of the ten tournaments, taking first in Conference, 2nd at Lodi, and 3rd at the Madison West meet. At the final competition of the year, the state tournament at Ripon, Junior Rileigh Hawk claimed third place in the category of Moments in History, while Sophomore Jocelyn Marks earned fifth in the category of Special Occasion. As a whole, the team received fifth place in Division II, marking the end to a fantastic and memorable year.

The awards dinner, which took place shortly afterward, revealed Sabrina Pankratz and Aimee Evans as the most improved members and the acting team of Megan Miller and Emily Nelson as the most valuable. Congratulations to next year’s team captains Brad Urba, Anna Brickheimer, and Megan Georgeson. Thanks to this year’s graduating seniors for their dedication: Rachel McDonald, Mitchell Rufer, Rachel LaRue, Amber Dorman, Alyssa Kovars, Jenny Goldade, Tyler Rhines, and outgoing captains Megan Miller, Kelli Susee, and Clare Hoffman.

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