2012 DASD Retirees

Pictured above: (l-r) Back row: Larry Salopek, Barb Johanningmeier, RJ Auner, Joanne Parker, Rick Hill, Mark Sieger, Pat Ethun, Colleen Fogo, Roz CarlyonRahn. Front row: Marcia Motelet, Barb Lebica, Mary Grulke, Sally Cordio,
Barb Bauer, Cindy Rosch, Ann Brown, Suzanne Knuteson.

Thank you to our staff who are retiring at the end of this year.  We appreciate your service to our students, families and community.  Best wishes for a long & happy retirement from all your friends at the DeForest Area School District.





High School

David Bailey
Social Studies Teacher, 34 years

Kris Gurholt
English Teacher, 32 yrs

Darlene Barth
Business Ed Teacher, 26 years

Phil Jerg
Social Studies Teacher, 26 years

Sally Cordio
Speech & Language Teacher,
18 years

Rick Hill
Special Ed Teacher, 17 yrs

Ed Pooch
Custodian, 11 years

Middle School

Barb Johanningmeier
Librarian, 44 years

Cindy Rosch
Teacher & Mentor, 35 years

Larry Salopek
Social Studies Teacher, 34 years

Mark Sieger
Music Teacher, 31 years

Suzanne Knuteson
Computer Literacy Teacher, 22 years

Barb Lebica
Special Ed Teacher, 22 years

Joanne Parker
Phy Ed/Health Teacher, 22 years

Roz Carlyon-Rahn
Educational Assistant, 17years

George Schultz
Crossing Guard, 7 years

Elementary Schools

Colleen Fogo
First/Second Grade Teacher, 36 years

Susan Sweeney
Reading Teacher, 36 years

Marcia Motelet
Reading Teacher, 36 years

Barb Bauer
Fourth Grade Teacher, 27 years

Julie Lund
First Grade Teacher, 27 years

Ann Brown
Kindergarten Teacher, 26 years

Bev Schultz
Third Grade Teacher, 26 years

Paula Paris
Music Teacher, 25 years

Pat Ethun
Custodian, 24 years

Mary Grulke
Educational Assistant, 24 years

RJ Auner
Physical Therapist, 22 years

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