Pi memorization contest

Winners from each class: (L-R) Andrew Doucette and Lillly Hall
Students who participated: Andrew Doucette (206), Allison Jacobsen (190), Sonja Langdon (125), Joshua Thurber (53), Lilly Hall (270), Chris Kennedy (180), Jacob Chambers (160), Kyle Esser (130), Skyeler Schroeder (136), Alexa Horkan (120), Brooke Harmon (120), Lauren Weikert (65).

Each year students in Jodi Acker’s 6th grade math class on the Brewer Team participate in a “Pi” memorization contest. The competition concludes a unit where students learn about formulas, especially those that deal with circles. According to Acker, “The number ‘Pi’ is the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. It’s approximately equal to 3.14159265, although the digits go on forever.”

Acker gives her students a chance to memorize as many digits of “Pi” as possible in one week. Tammy Breitlow and Kathleen Klinkner, 6th grade math teachers on the Badger Team and the Packer Team, also added the contest to their classroom activities. All three teachers held preliminary contests and then finals on Monday, June 4.  Students earned prizes for reciting for memory as many digits of Pi as possible.

Winners from each class are Lilly Hall (Mrs. Acker’s class), who recited 270 digits, and Andrew Doucette (Ms. Breitlow’s class), with 206 digits.

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