DeForest Grad Top 10 National FBLA Finalist

Left to right: Darlene Barth, Megan Schultz, Anna Sausen, Vinnie Daniels

June 29-July 2 marked this summer’s FBLA-Future Business Leader’s of America national conference in San Antonio, Texas. This four-day conference is considered the pinnacle of the FBLA experience through competition, workshops, and exhibits. Recently graduated senior, Megan Schultz, and sophomore member, Anna Sausen attended the conference along with their advisors, Darlene Barth and Vinnie Daniels.

Since last December, Megan Schultz designed a logo and promotional materials for her event, Digital Design and Promotion. The topic and guidelines for the development of the portfolio were given to students before the Wisconsin regional competition in February. Megan won her right to compete at the national competition by placing first in regional and then at the state competition in April. She presented and promoted her design portfolio in San Antonio and in final competition took 10th place out of 56 other entries from around the country.

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