District hosts open house for families with deaf or hard of hearing students

On September 20, 2012, the DeForest Area School District hosted an open house. The open house also included a brochure for parents of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  CESA 2 Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher LeaAnn Ross, CESA 2 Educational Audiologist Beth Larimer, CESA 2 Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program Coordinator Carol Schweitzer and DeForest Area School District Student Services Director David Perrodin were present to greet parents, answer questions and share information about the district’s services for children with hearing needs.The open house also included brochures about assistive devices for use in the child’s home, information on funding sources for hearing aids and telecommunications equipment purchase programs, photos of various FM systems attached to hearing aids, and demonstrations of various pieces of equipment.  On display were the district’s recently-purchased digital FM systems that work directly with a child’s own hearing aids.  The digital FM systems allow students with hearing needs to be able to more clearly hear the teacher’s voice via a special microphone that is worn by the teacher and transfers the teacher’s voice directly to the child’s amplification system.

The district serves fifteen children with various degrees of hearing needs.

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