Help with FAFSA February 24

college goal wisconsin logoFamilies are invited to College Goal Wisconsin on Sunday, February 24, 2-4 pm in the PAC.  College Goal Wisconsin is a national event that provides free information and assistance to families who are filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), the federally required form for students seeking financial aid, such and grants and loans. Completing the FAFSA is the first and most important step in qualifying for aid.

Students should attend with a parent or guardian, if possible. They should bring specific materials. If parents are unable to attend, students may attend alone and bring the materials. Independent students may bring their own income and asset information.

Please bring the following to College Goal Wisconsin:

  • Correct Social Security numbers (can be found on Social Security card)
  • Driver’s license (if any)
  • 2012 federal tax returns
  • 2011 federal tax returns, if 2012 returns are not complete
  • 2012 untaxed income records (Child Support)
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Rental property networth, hobby farm networth, stocks, bond, certificate of deposits and other investment records.
  • Alien registration card (if you are not a U.S. citizen)

You can still attend even if your 2012 income information is incomplete or you forget something. You may file your FAFSA after the event once you do have the materials. You don’t want to miss out on the valuable instruction provided at College Goal Wisconsin.  After a brief introductory presentation in the PAC, participants will move to a computer lab to work on the application process.  Financial aid volunteers will be available to answer questions.

Attend a College Goal WI event, submit or save your FAFSA, complete the survey and be entered into the scholarship drawing for one of 31 scholarships. Eight $1,000 scholarship winners will be drawn. Three $500 scholarship winners will be drawn. Twenty $250 scholarship winners will be drawn. Winners will be notified after all College Goal WI events have taken place.

More information is available at

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