Artwork by Windsor students shown at Hilldale

Hilldale Art Show WESDuring February, 14 art students from Windsor Elementary Schools displayed their work at the Wisconsin Art Education Association Regional Art Show at Hilldale Mall. Art teacher, Karen DeFibo chose their work to represent their schools.

Students who participated were (name of art piece): Noah Harding, kindergarten (Rainbow Snowman), Maggie Martin, 1st grade (Folk Art Cow), Olivia Mayr, 2nd grade (Folk Art Cow Portrait), Taylor Thayer, 2nd grade (Matisse Goldfish), Ryan Horne, 2nd grade (Sledding Snowman), Kellen Grall, 3rd grade (Russian Nesting dolls), Jessalyn Simonson, 3rd grade (Russian Nesting Dolls), Gracie McLean, 3rd grade (Cave Painting), Liliana Kenyon, 4th grade (Line Design), Kaden Simpson, 4th grade (Name Design), Brooke Molitor, 4th grade (Cardinals in Winter), Brenna Clark, 4th grade (Lady Liberty), Molly Costello, 4th grade (Name Reflection), and Serenity Lauher, 4th grade (Tree in Moonlight).

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