Bergh to serve on state advisory council

NS12990Eagle Point Elementary School’s counselor Linda Bergh, who was named 2012 Wisconsin Special Services Teacher of the Year, will join other teachers who have earned statewide recognition for leadership and innovation to share their expertise on a newly appointed Wisconsin Teachers of the Year Council. The group’s first meeting was Monday, March 4, in Madison.

“We are empowering teachers to have a say about policies that impact their classrooms and students,” said State Superintendent Tony Evers. “This council will provide input on emerging issues in education and guidance to recruit talented individuals to the teaching profession. Additionally, we are building a network of exemplary educators.”

The council is made up of 19 individuals who were named Teachers of the Year between 2007 and 2013 and who currently work as teachers. To become a Teacher of the Year, each was selected as a Herb Kohl Educational Foundation Teacher Fellow, following nomination by parents, students, community members, or peers. Then, a statewide panel selects Teachers of the Year from among that year’s 86 public school Kohl Teacher Fellows.

The council’s first meeting began with briefings on the 2013-15 state budget and statewide initiatives on educator effectiveness and implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Council members participated in question and answer sessions and had opportunities to discuss each issue.

The council is expected to hold two additional meetings this year and to be an ongoing advisory panel to provide direct feedback to the state superintendent and the Department of Public Instruction. Similar councils are being developed in other states, including New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.

“I am grateful that our current and former Teachers of the Year are willing to serve the state as members of the Wisconsin Teachers of the Year Council,” Evers added. “As practitioners-in-the-field, these individuals can offer their unique perspectives to shape education policy that truly provides quality public schooling for all of Wisconsin’s children.”

“I came away energized about some of the new as well as challenging issues in education today and look forward to active participation in the council. I am proud to represent DeForest on this council,” said Bergh.

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