Voice mail system unavailable April 4

The District’s Learning Information Systems Department is working on an upgrade to our voice mail system that requires approximately 2 hours of downtime. On April 4th, they are estimating approximately 2 hours during which voice mail may not be retained.

To minimize the impact of this project, we’ve scheduled it over our spring break when call volumes are low. Although we do not have the exact times at this point, we wished to notify parents and families. Other communication options will be available during the down time.

In case of an unforeseen issue with this upgrade, each school will have a cell phone number available for communication purposes. We don’t anticipate that we will need these numbers, but if you should need to contact your school and do not receive an answer, please use the following numbers on April 4th only:

Use these phone numbers to contact school offices on April 4:
EPES: 516-6034
DAMS: 509-8874
DAHS: 516-8537
MES: 516-7128
YES: 516-7618
District Office/HEC: 234-1870
WES: 516-7493

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