DAHS Top Scholars

Badger  Conf Top 10 - b
Row 1: Katie Salzmann, Natalie Mysak, Amy Sommers, Jennifer Betthauser, Eldon Davidson, Lindsay Caruso Row 2: Dr. Jon Bales, Sue Paulson, Bradley Sheffer, Brett Minick, Jamie Truitt, Megan Gasper, Emily Nelson, Machell Schwarz

DeForest Area High School’s top 11 graduating seniors were honored by the Badger Conference on Sunday, April 13 at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. The 19th Annual Badger Conference Top Scholars banquet honored the top 10 students from each school in the North and South Badger Conferences based on grade point average.   DeForest actually had 11 scholars in the “top 10” due to a tie in GPAs.  High school principal Machell Schwarz, District Administrator Jon Bales, and parents accompanied students to the banquet where the scholars were welcomed by Chris Grinde, Principal of Sauk Prairie High School, and listened to comments from Dr. Vincent Tranchida, Chief Medical Examiner of Dane County.

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