Therapy dog Chloe visits Camp Norski at YES

Tim Hopping, Chloe, and Kathy Williams
Tim Hopping, Chloe, and Kathy Williams
First grader Alayna Flodeen
First grader Alayna Flodeen reads to Chloe

Tim Hopping, retired Yahara and Morrisonville Elementary School guidance counselor, and his certified therapy dog, Chloe, visited Camp Norski at YES on April 24.

Chloe is a five year old mixed lab that has gone through training and certification through Therapy Dogs, Inc. She regularly visits Waunakee Manor, St. Mary’s Hospital, and has recently added Camp Norski as a regular stop.

She was at Yahara Elementary School for an hour on the morning of April 24 and has four more dates scheduled on her busy calendar. Students took turns reading to Chloe one-on-one. According to reading teacher Kathy Williams, “They (students) were so excited! They begged to read more books and everyone asked when she would be back.”

According to Williams, there are many benefits for students reading to therapy dogs. The main one is that they are very good listeners. “Chloe was patient and didn’t interrupt when a student came to a tricky word,” said Williams. The Camp Norski readers are looking forward to Chloe’s next visit!

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