Father helps DeForest area music students in memory of son

Daniel Haswell
Daniel Haswell

Daniel Haswell was a musician – playing and building instruments most of his life. And his father David wants to honor that life by helping young musicians. Dan, a DeForest High School graduate, passed away on January 26, 2013 from complications related to health issues. He was 57 years old. After his death, the Haswell family established a memorial fund for the DeForest Area High School music department to help other aspiring musically talented students. According to David, they raised $10,000, and donated this to the DeForest Area School District. While he suggests the funds be used to purchase instruments for the high school music program that can be used by students who may not be able to afford them, he is open to helping with other needs the teachers have to support their program.

Dan grew up on the family farm and attended the Windsor and DeForest schools. According to his father, Dan was a talented musician and gifted trumpet technician, building horns for musicians worldwide.

Dan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Education and Music. He was a member of the UW Tuba Quartet and excelled in the cello and baritone horn. For several years, Dan was a member of the 1st Brigade Civil War Band and maintained their instruments. He also enjoyed his time playing with the Waunakee community band.

After teaching high school music for four years in Marion, WI, he attended Minnesota State College Southeast Technical earning a degree in Band Instrument Repair. He operated his own business on the family farm for four years before relocating to Vancouver to work for 24 years with the Monette Trumpet Company.

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