WES student poem featured in magazine

Rogalla poem

A poem written by Paige Rogalla, a 4th grader at Windsor Elementary School, was featured in a summer edition of New Moon Girls magazine.

New Moon Girls is a magazine and safe online community intended for girls ages 8 and up. Their mission is to “help girls discover and honor their true selves, engage in meaningful pursuits and dialogue, and express their voices in ways that matter.” (http://www.newmoon.com/). The magazine is published bi-monthly in Duluth, Minnesota by New Moon Girl Media.

My Best Friend

Full of love,
Big, square head.
Yellow and gold like the sun.
Shiny, chocolate eyes
That melt my heart
Soft floppy ears,
Big paws,
My giant teddy bear.

Loves to go for walks,
Play ball,
Meet new people.
Not as young as he used to be.
Moves a little slower than before,
But he will always be my best friend…
No matter what.
Always at my heels,
Always giving sloppy kisses,
Making me feel better,
Even on my worst days…
My Dog,
Love, Paige

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