College Credits in High School for DAHS Spanish Students

Beginning this year, DeForest Area High School has embarked on a partnership with University of Wisconsin Green Bay to offer college credits for taking high school classes (dual credit).  This unique program allows students in the fifth year of high school Spanish to register for Spanish 202 through UWGB.  If students complete the course successfully, they not only earn the college credits for the course, but can potentially earn the retroactive credits that they skip.  Racquel Drunasky, the Spanish V teacher, was selected to participate because of her outstanding curriculum and excellent track record of graduates placing into high levels of college Spanish.  This year, 56 Spanish V students have chosen to enroll in this UWGB course (about half).

How can high school students benefit  from this program?

  • Getting a head start on their college careers  with introductory courses that have a high degree of transferability to other colleges and universities
  • Saving money by only paying half of the per credit on-campus fee (students can earn credits that could be worth approximately $3,000 or more, depending on the campus)
  • Accelerating the completion of a college degree
  • Experiencing college rigor while in high school and developing skills for college success
  • Exploring new areas of interest
  • After successfully completing College Credit in High School courses and graduating from high school, students may be able to register for courses earlier than peers due to earned credits. This could help get the courses needed in a timely fashion. These earned credits may also allow students to have more academic flexibility to study abroad, pursue additional academic subjects, or graduate early.

DAHS offers additional dual credit classes in partnership with Madison College.  One of these courses, College Success, is also transferrable to many 4 year colleges.  Several other dual credit courses allow students to get a jump start on many programs at Madison College.  For more information, contact Judi Walsh at DeForest Area High School.

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