Get help with FAFSA on February 23

college goalVIDEO

Although a technical college or a university education are expensive, financial aid (scholarships, grants, part-time jobs, and loans) is available to make college affordable.  To understand the process to apply for financial aid, seniors who are planning to continue their education after high school are encouraged to attend College Goal Wisconsin.

At College Goal Wisconsin you will receive free assistance in completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  This is the form that colleges require students to complete to be considered for financial aid.  The event is staffed by volunteers who are college/university financial aid officers, other higher education personnel, high school counselors, and community members.  For more information about College Goal Wisconsin call 1-800-578-GOAL (4625) or visit  There are several sites in Wisconsin, but only three in Dane County hosting College Goal Wisconsin.

The DeForest Area High School event is on Sunday, February 23; Madison College, on Saturday, February 22; and Edgewood College is also on Sunday, February 23.  Start time for all is at 2 pm.

Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA online at  Students applying online will get their FAFSA application results faster than if they apply through the mail.  The information that is submitted over the internet is completely secure and the process is easier because only questions are asked that apply to the student’s situation.

It is important to remember that financial aid will be based on information from your 2013 tax forms and cannot be submitted until after January 1, 2014.

For information about the DeForest assistance workshop, contact Debbie Brewster at or 842-6581.

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