DeForest Area High School Participates in Thai Sunrise Student Exchange Program 2014

How do we pursue ways to incorporate aspects of global education into our school in order to enrich our students’ lives?  DeForest Area High School will be hosting five students and their teacher April 17-May 7 as part of the Thai Sunrise Program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  While learning about America and its people and educational system, our Thai guests will also find significant ways to teach our school community about their own nation, culture and people. It is incredibly touching and effective when students teach other students!

This partnership will directly benefit our students:

Increasing students’ ability to communicate with others globally,

• Developing students’ understanding of citizenship,

• Preparing students for future careers that quite likely will have global features,

• Providing students with real and quality cultural experiences, and

• Creating in students a sense of understanding and respect across the boundaries of language, nationhood, religion, social status, etc.

Further, this partnership will help to develop in our students a much stronger understanding and appreciation of issues around diversity.

 At this time, DeForest Area Schools are seeking host families for the five students and their male teacher.

 Applications can be requested at the main office of the high school and through Dr. Borden, District Administrator (842-6577).  One of the single most critical parts to this program is having host families that are willing to share their lives with foreign exchange students for the three weeks.  It is a Norski Nation experience that will change their lives and ours.

Applications are due no later than March 10, 2014.


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