2014 Mock Crash for DAHS Seniors

Thursday, May 22, 12:00 pm:  Today law enforcement and emergency personnel are conducting their annual mock accident in the parking lot of the DAHS, demonstrating to seniors what can happen when someone drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2014-DAHS-Mock-Crash-1 2014-DAHS-Mock-Crash-2

More information:

Impaired driving not only affects those involved in a vehicle crash, but also their entire family and the greater community. That’s why on May 22, 2014, a “mock DUI” crash simulation (DUI means “Driving Under the Influence”) was presented to DeForest Area High School seniors in the school’s parking lot.

The purpose of the drill is to show the disastrous effects of driving while texting or under the influence of alcohol/drugs, in hopes that such crashes can be prevented from occurring in this community.  The event took place thanks to the coordinated efforts of several groups:  DeForest Area High School Drama and S.A.D.D.  (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Clubs, DeForest Area Fire/EMS Department, DeForest Police Department, DeForest Area Joining Forces for Families, and the Dane County Sheriff’s Department.

The DUI drill includes a mock accident scene, including the “death” of a peer or friend, and demonstrates all aspects of DUI – police, EMS and fire personnel response; using the “jaws of life” extrication equipment; performing “triage;” transporting patients via ambulance; and arresting the offenders.

After the simulation, students moved to the Performing Arts Center where they heard from one woman whose mother was killed due to texting while driving and another woman who was a drunk driver herself.  Afterward, counselors held debriefing sessions with students.

“KEYS” were also distributed to students at the conclusion of the simulation. KEYS – Keeping Everyone You Know Safe – is a not-for-profit community initiative to make responsible driving a deliberate act.  The KEYS message: helping people make better decisions to save lives. The premise is to pay the message forward – “Give a key to another to carry at all times as a personal reminder that you care and want to Keep Everyone You Know Safe!”

The message officials sent was simple, “drinking and driving do not mix, and neither does texting and driving”.  Don’t do it and don’t let others do it.  Questions about the Mock Crash presentations? Contact the high school at 842-6600 or the DeForest Area Police Department at 846-6756.  For more information about the KEYS program, visit:  http://www.k-e-y-s.com/index.html.

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