7th graders create documentaries of older adults in community

DSC_0022Recently, some DAMS 7th graders learned firsthand about resiliency from older adults in the community. Eight adults visited students in the middle school’s Digital Communications classroom on two separate occasions in April. They were interviewed by students about a time in their lives when they had to be resilient. Students recorded the interviews, and using their technology skills, created an electronic timeline and presentation for each participant.

The older adults joined the students for lunch at school and enjoyable conversation. Students presented their finished projects to the older adults on Thursday, May 1.

At the end of the presentations, the older adults shared information about their experience. One adult shared his thoughts, “These boys are real gentlemen, they carried my lunch down for me and took care of my cane when we got to the classroom.” Another adult said, “I wish we had more time to spend with the students, I had more to share.”

This project was facilitated by Digital Communications teacher Laura Kruschek with help from RSVP of Dane County and the DeForest Area School District’s LINK-ages Committee.

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