DAMS student recites 378 digits of “Pi”

IMG_0861Each year students in Jodi Acker’s 6th grade math class on the Badger Team participate in a “Pi” memorization contest.  The competition concludes a unit where students learn about formulas, especially those that deal with circles.  According to Acker, “The number pi is the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. It’s approximately equal to 3.14159265, although the digits go on forever.”

Acker gives her students a chance to memorize as many digits of “Pi” as possible.  Each of her math classes had a preliminary contest and then finals on Friday, June 6.  Students earned prizes for reciting for memory as many digits of Pi as possible.

According to Acker, “there were ten participants in the final competition, and the biggest year ever.” Samantha Schaeffer won the contest memorizing 378 digits of Pi, This was over 100 digits more than last year. In second place was Shane Vandommelen with 350, third place was Brooke Buhr with 268 digits, fourth place, Ellie Esser with 232 digits; fifth place, Eliot Pickhardt with 231 digits; sixth place, Leah Doucette with 220 digits; seventh place, Adam Horton with 193; eighth place, Adam White with 173 digits; ninth place, Cassie Wendt with 170 digits; and in tenth place, Bryn Disch with 87 digits. Congratulations to all the contestants for working hard on memorizing all those numbers.

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