Teachers go to camp!

Last week DeForest Area School District hosted the 2nd annual Norski Camp for staff.

NorskiCamp14 was a four-day professional learning camp held August 4-7 at the middle school for instructional and support staff.  This tech-infused camp was organized by Instructional Technology Coach Christine Rybak, Learning Information Systems Coordinator Kim Bannigan, and DASD’s Technology Integration Leadership Team.  According to Rybak, “Sessions focused on developing digital age learning experiences and assessments, modeling digital age work and learning, and engaging in professional growth.”  Over 100 staff members participated throughout the four days.

“Feedback from staff was very positive,” said Rybak.  Comments on evaluation forms included  “I have found these four days to be energizing and more helpful than I could imagine.”  “I feel empowered, encouraged, inspired, and equipped!” and “I loved it and will be taking it every year that it is offered!” #norskichat

NC14 demographic    Norski-Camp-14-2 Norski-Camp-14 Norski-Camp-14-4 Norski-Camp-14-5 Norski-Camp-14-7 Norski-Camp-14-18 Norski-Camp-14-17 Norski-Camp-14-16 Norski-Camp-14-15

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