District and state student assessments

The 2014-15 assessment calendars for each level of our school district (elementary, middle and high school) are now posted on the DASD website (under “Current Topics”). These documents provide a time frame for each student assessment, notes for families, and links to more information about each assessment (including, in some cases, sample questions).

District administered student assessments are typically very short (30 minutes or less) and done multiple times during a school year – like a doctor checking “vitals” each time you go to the doctor’s office.  They are used immediately by teachers as a way to know exactly where students are for upcoming work in the classroom.

Assessments mandated by the State of Wisconsin are used to determine what students know and can apply in different areas of study (math, science, language arts, etc.).  Wisconsin uses these assessment results for statewide school and district report cards.  Locally, we use them to guide curriculum development and instruction.

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