Windsor students “dunk” principal after successful WE Run fundraiser

Windsor Elementary School sponsored their first annual WE (Windsor Elementary) Run fundraiser in September. The WE Run was an opportunity for every student to show their school spirit and work on their physical fitness. Each student ran or walked for 20 minutes, maneuvering through a circuit designed by physical education teachers Donna Meske and Kyle Rogness.

According to Meske and Rogness, the event was held to promote physical fitness, encourage students to set personal goals, and to raise funds for school programs. Students collected pledges for each lap they walked or ran, or they collected individual donations.

Thanks to some outside sponsors, all students received a free t-shirt on the day of the event. WES parent Chris Truitt also donated his time to DJ during the run/walk.
Students raised $20,368.26 during the event.

To help celebrate the successful fundraiser, each student who raised $200 or more was given a chance to “dunk” the school’s principal, Roy Bernards, on Monday, October 20 in a dunk tank outside the school.

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