MES students learn at Goose Pond Sanctuary

Students at Morrisonville Elementary School recently visited the Goose Pond Sanctuary to continue their study of wetland and prairie habitats and prairie restoration.

The trip was made possible through a Prairie Conservation Education Grant 1st/2nd grade teacher Julie Harrier received last year from the Madison Audubon Society. While at Goose Pond, students gathered prairie seed, cleaned milkweed pods for the seed, and learned about monarch butterflies and the plants they need to survive. They also took a hike through a tall grass prairie.
Through the grant, Harrier also purchased binoculars and nature notebooks. During their recent trip to Goose Pond, students used the binoculars to observe fall migratory birds, and they recorded observations in their notebooks.

According to Harrier, after the first snowfall students will spread the collected seed at the school’s Big Hill Environmental Center to help with prairie restoration.
The Madison Audubon’s grant program supports innovative conservation education efforts in area schools. Two DeForest area teachers received the Prairie Conservation Education Grants last year: Julie Harrier and Amy Williams, a 1st/2nd grade teacher at Eagle Point Elementary School.

Seed collecting

Emma Belter, Ryan Schmidt and Nik Marquardt collecting seed.

ournaling in our Nature notebooks out on front lawn of school after our return from trip to Goose Pond

Students journaling in their nature notebooks on the front lawn of MES after returning from their trip to Goose Pond.

Learning about seed collecting, cleaning and processing to get seed ready for replanting in prairie restoration areas

Students learning about seed collecting, cleaning and processing needed to get seed ready for replanting in prairie restoration areas.

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