Morrisonville students pay it forward

Students from Morrisonville Elementary School (MES) promoted their giving project this holiday season on Saturday, December 6 during the annual MES PTO Christmas tree sale. Students collected donations during the tree sale for their project, called “Pennies for PJs and Bucks for Books.”

Third/Fourth grade teacher Gina Buettner asked students to write a persuasive paper about the meaning of “paying it forward,” which was used to promote the fundraiser. According to first/second grade teacher Julie Harrier, the Morrisonville PTO matched the student’s collection. Students collected $148.68 and the PTO matched another $100.00 for a total of $248.68. “The funds purchased pajamas and a book for students in need, so they can cozy up with a good book during the holidays,” said Harrier.

Pictured at the tree sale are, L-R: Anythony Elert, Sam Piontek, Reanna Schmidt, Ryan Schmidt, and Addie Piontek.

Here’s a sampling of the “pay it forward” papers students wrote, and were on display on the 6th, to promote their project:

Saiyenah Moua, a kindergarten student in Cindy Putnam’s kindergarten class at MES, brought in 1,003 pennies from her own piggy bank. Her parents have been giving her pennies for her bank since she was born. According to her mother, Saiyenah wanted to give her pennies to children in need.

Bucks 4 Books
Do you like cuddling up in a chair and reading a great book? Do you like having enough money to buy the things that you would like? Well we think other kids that don’t have enough money or a really good book should get that chance. Please donate a buck for books!
By Trysten Schroeder

Pennies 4 Pajamas
Do you remember getting those new warm fuzzy and soft pajamas and cuddling up with popcorn and watching a movie? Do you like shopping for things that have reasonable prices? Thousands of kids around the world don’t have that chance, so please donate! Just with a penny you could change a life.
Thank you,
Sammie Houswerth & Chloe Schlomgen

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