Students compete in statewide Battle of the Books

Congratulations to DASD Battle of the Books teams who participated in the state competition at the end of February.  Each school held preliminary competitions where teams of three to four students spent almost six months memorizing book titles, authors, and key events in 20 books!  One team from each school earned the honor of representing their school at the state competition.

The statewide Battle of the Books program, sponsored by Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association (WEMTA), is designed to promote a love of reading among students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and remember information about the plots, characters, and settings of the books.

Teams of students representing DeForest Area School District during the state competition were:

High school team

High School Division:

Juniors Rachel Williams, Emily Weisensel, John McCloskey, and Rosie Hess. The team, calling themselves “John McCloskey and the Supremes,” won for the third year in a row, this year against two other teams.

7th/8th grade team

Middle School Division:

DeForest Area Middle School middle division winners, The Norwegian Flounders, read voraciously throughout the entire season and enjoyed the spirit of competition.  They are seventh graders Seth Williams, Colby Hartig, Max Bashel, and Chase Shortreed.

5th/6th grade team

Elementary School Division:

DeForest Area Middle School 5th & 6th graders

DeForest Area Middle School division winners, The Gagolites, won their title in a nail-biting tie-breaker round. They are sixth graders Emma Pitcel, Molly Costello, Olivia Schroeder, and Liliana Kenyon.  These girls set their own goal to practice three times a week and it paid off!

Yahara Elementary School

YES team


Yahara’s championship Battle of the Books team, The Book Tails, is Grace O’Brion, Meta Fischer, Natalie Hensen and Karley King. It was a close competition this year. There was a tie for second place and The Book Tails emerged as the winners by a single question! All of the participating teams did a great job and they also discovered new series and genres to continue exploring.

WES team

Windsor Elementary School

Fourth graders participating in Battle of the Books at WES raced to finish all 20 books. This year a record 59 students and 17 teams participated! Congratulations to all of these superstars, but a special recognition goes out to Team DFI Cannons; Ivan Sopkovich, Dean Rupert, and Finn Warnson who represented Windsor in the State Battle and earned the honors of becoming members of the 300 Club!  What does that mean?  According to Reading Specialist Sherri Rogalla, “They scored very well!”

Eagle Point Elementary School

Seven teams (bottom left) took a practice battle to see who would represent Eagle Point in the final state battle. Kaia Shucha, Reagan Trost, and Reece Hellickson (bottom right) won the practice battle and competed in the final state battle this week.

EPES team

Check out additional photos below of students competing. DAHS-2 EPES-3 EPES-4 IMG_0191

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