Students excel at Stock Market Game

Hayden Rauls, Nick Maier, Jagger Lokken, and Keagon Kaufmann

Each year students in the DeForest Area School District compete in the Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation Game.  The game is offered to Wisconsin students through EconomicsWisconsin.  The Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation (SMS) helps students learn the costs and benefits involved in investing in the stock market without the fear of using real money. Student teams manage a hypothetical $100,000 investment portfolio as they compete against students from across Wisconsin for a trip to New York City to tour the New York Stock Exchange. Ten-week games are offered each semester.

This year, over 900 schools in Wisconsin participated in the spring competition. Schools are ranked at the end of the ten week game and the top ten teams in each division are invited to an awards banquet.

Four teams from DASD made the top ten in two divisions. A team of students from Jodi Acker’s 7th grade math class – Hayden Rauls, Nick Maier, Jagger Lokken, and Keagon Kaufmann – took  of took first place in the middle school division with a total of $126,277. Three teams from Dave Sisler’s fourth grade class at Windsor Elementary took first place with $112,631, second place with $105,344 and ninth place with $99,769 in the elementary division. Congratulations to all the teams that participated!

According to their website, Economics Wisconsin is a non-profit organization made up of business and professional leaders and teachers. Their goal is to help elementary and secondary educators gain knowledge and confidence in teaching about our free market economic system.

Dave Sisler with 1st place winners: Adam Trautsch,Easton Snow, and Kolby Tomkins 2nd place: Jaelyn Derlein, Maddie Chrisinger, Ben Belgen, Caleb Kavey 3rd: Alex Baio, Sam Bachman, Emalia Reiche

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