Middle school students reach out to homeless children

6th grade Badger Team students; L-R: Maya Pickhardt, Jocelyn Pickardt, Sarah Dollak, Sarah Hill, Emma Bieri, Ashley Hegarty, Zachary Rogers, and Acery Schaeffer

DMS homeless

Sixth graders on the DeForest Area Middle School Badger team had the opportunity to be involved in an outreach project that helps Madison homeless students. The students stuffed Badger cups with items they donated, such as mittens, hats, toiletries, and toys. The cups were given to the Madison School District’s Transition Education Program to be handed out to homeless students and students in transition. This program has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students in the Madison area. Students had a great time stuffing the cups, knowing that they were making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Through this project, students learned about homelessness and the stereotypes that are often associated with homelessness. They viewed short videos and read articles about why people can become homeless, along with facts regarding homelessness in America. To wrap up the day, students and staf had the opportunity to hear the school social worker, Alex Garcia, talk about additional ways they can help the homeless population.

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