Williams competes in American Legion Oratorical Contest

Rachel Williams and Commander Bill Ridgely

On Monday, December 21, DeForest Area High School senior Rachel Williams competed in the local level of the 2016 U.S. Constitution Oratorical Contest sponsored by the DeForest Olson-Grinde American Legion Post #348.

The American Legion website states that this contest is held each year to help students develop leadership qualities, improve their ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently and better prepare them to accept the duties and responsibilities that come with the privilege of American citizenship.

Rachel was required to research, write and memorize an 8-10 minute speech related to the United States Constitution. Rachel’s prepared oration was titled, “The Story of the 10th Amendment”.  Rachel was also required to give a memorized 3-5 minute speech on a constitutional topic assigned by the contest organizers that evening. Four possible topics had been provided ahead of time.

Rachel earned a $200 scholarship and was given meaningful, constructive feedback from a panel of knowledgeable judges. The feedback helped her prepare for the county level competition held on Saturday, January 2 in McFarland. Rachel took second place at the county level and earned a $150 scholarship.

“Through participating in the local D.A.W.N. U.S. Constitution Oratorical Contests all four years and this year with the American Legion competitions, Rachel has gained incredible research, writing and public speaking skills,” said her mother, Kathy Williams. Additionally, Rachel has earned a total of $3,350 in scholarships. Rachel acknowledged members of D.A.W.N. (DeForest and Windsor Now) and our American Legionnaires, who “are incredibly kind, generous, and encouraging of all of our students. I’m so grateful to have had these wonderful opportunities.”

Current DAHS students are encouraged to watch for details for next year’s competition. More information can also be found at: http://www.legion.org/oratorical/about.

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