Students raise money for Dane County Humane Society

Humane Society

Two area boys were into the giving spirit this past holiday season.  Quin Dunahee and Joaquin Kelly, both fourth graders at Windsor Elementary School, love animals and wanted to do something meaningful to help them.

After visiting the Dane County Humane Society and learning that the shelter is run solely on donations, the boys knew that this is where they wanted to help.  Together, they designed and purchased 700 glow-in-the-dark wristbands inscribed with “For all animals”.  They then sold the bracelets for one dollar each at their school.  Quin and Joaquin created a video for advertising the project to their fellow students.  They also prepared a slide presentation to show the results of their fund raising efforts.  The two raised $628 for the shelter.  The donated funds will be used for food and supplies, as well as medical and dental care, for the animals at the shelter.​​  They also gave the remaining 72 bracelets to the Humane Society, who will continue to sell them or use at their day camps.

Donna McClurg, an educational assistant at Windsor Elementary School, worked with Quin and Joaquin on the project from mid-November to January.  “It was a fun project, and they learned a lot,” she said.

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