DECA crowns Mr. Norski 2016

Written by Abbi Marks, 11th grade student at DeForest Area High School and current DECA Vice President 

Contestants and their escorts

DeForest DECA’s Mr. Norski 2016 was held on February 15th at the DeForest Area High School PAC, and it was an enormous success. The event, which is held every year, consists of a variety of high school boys competing in pageant-like challenges. They come up with a talent, a cheer, participate in a secret challenge, and answer questions. This year, the boys in the mix to become Mr. Norski 2016 were Tyler Blum, Jared Gothard, Eric Neuenschwander, Joey Lokken, Alex Castillo, Cody Kramschuster, Alex Gonzalez, Nate Hill, Calvin Rauls, and Wes McNeese. Lauren Bayer and Alex Schodin were the emcees for the event, and Abbi Marks took the lead in organizing this year’s show.

A few highlights from the show were Eric Neuenschwander’s original take on “The Fix” by Nelly, Nate Hill’s Michael Jackson dance routine, and Jared Gothard’s comedy act. Eric played an acoustic version of Nelly’s hit song on the guitar and changed the lyrics to his encounters with the other gender. Nate Hill channeled his inner king of pop and wowed the crowd with his smooth dance moves. Finally, Jared Gothard cracked up the audience with his jokes regarding teachers, his life, and of course, using friends’ bathrooms.

Jared Gothard (left), winner of Mr. Norski, and Alex Frietag, Mr. Norski 2015.

When all talents were performed, every cheer recited, and every question answered, the judges tallied up the scores. Jared Gothard won Mr. Norski 2016, with Joey Lokken a close second, winning Mr. Congeniality. Jared says of the night, “Mr. Norski was an awesome experience; all of the guys were so fun to work with and did so well. I was shocked that I won!” While the rest of the boys did not walk away with a crown, they have the memories of the show with them forever.

Contestants, their escorts, with event organizer Abbi Marks and MC’s, Lauren Bayer and Alex Schodin

Although the winner was important to the event, the fundraiser was more so. MDA, or the Muscular Dystrophy Association, received all of the proceeds from Mr. Norski, which amounted to $1,800. Not only did contestants raise money before the show as part of the competition, there was also a Miracle Minute held during the event itself. “It was an incredible event with lots of laughs. We raised a lot of money for people who need our help. Speaking for Lauren and I, we had a blast announcing for such a fun group of guys,” said Alex Schodin. DeForest DECA prides itself on this event, the cause it was for, and is so excited to do it all again next year.


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