DAMS Math team qualifies for Mega Meet

Each year the Greater Dane Co. Network runs a Math Meet for students in fifth through eighth grades.

The Math Meet Program Goals are:

  • To stimulate interest in mathematics
  • To recognize exceptional mathematical talent
  • To provide a healthy academic environment

The Newton Regional Meet was held on Tuesday, March 15th at Waunakee Community Center. The DeForest Area Middle School sent two teams of 5/6th Graders and two teams of 7/8th Graders. All teams competed valiantly. One of the 7/8th grade teams walked away as the top team, qualifying them for the Mega Meet to be held later this Spring. Members of that team are:

Math Meet
7/8th Grade winning team from DAMS

8th Grade
Eliot Pickhardt
Alexis Staples
Conlan Gotzion
Adam Horton

7th Grade
Jay Franz
Sam Fischer
Mallory Taylor
Ferris Wolf


Eliot Pickhardt and Alexis Staples were also individual winners. taking 4th and 3rd, respectively.

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