DASD students compete in Math 24 Challenge

On March 1st students from the school district’s elementary and middle schools traveled to UW- Madison to compete in a Math 24 competition.  The students earned the right to compete by winning their individual school competitions. The Math 24 Challenge requires students to make four numbers on a card total 24 by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing each number once.  The game improves skills such concentration, mental math, number sense, problem solving, and pattern finding.

Students who won at the school level and moved on to the competition at UW-Madison, as well as those who finished in the top six, are as follows:

  • Yahara Elementary School students, Ethan Piontek and Tavis Wilcox, took 2nd and 5th place respectively
  • Shrom Tripathi from Eagle Point Elementary School earned 4th place
  • Riley Frederick represented Morrisonville Elementary School in the competition
  • Representing Windsor Elementary School were Ben Bodden, Emogen Rawls, Kashton Allen-Bradish, and Hunter King. (sorry, no photo available)
  • Students in each grade at DeForest Area Middle School placing in the top six were:
    • Fifth grade: Sam Piontek, 1st place; Keaton Coopman, 4th place; and Ethan Prusakewicz, 5th place
    • Sixth grade:  Avery Pierick, 2nd place, and Danika Tyler, 5th place
    • Seventh grde: Mallory Taylor, 2nd place; and Hayden Rauls, 6th place
    • Eighth grade:  Conlan Gotzion, 1st place; Elliot Pickhardt, 2nd place; and Adam Horton, 3rd place
5th Grade
DAMS 5th grade students of the top 6; Ethan Prusakiewicz (5th place), Keaton Coopman (4th place), and Sam Piontek (1st place).
6th Grade
DAMS 6th grade students of the top 6; Danika Tyler (5th place) and Avery Pierick (2nd place).
8th Grade
DAMS 7th grade students of the top 6: Hayden Rauls (6th Place) & Mallory Taylor (2nd Place)
7th Grade
DAMS 8th grade students of the top 6: Conlan Gotzion (1st place), Eliot Pickhardt (2nd Place), and Adam Horton (3rd Place)
YES Winners
YES competitors; Alex Markgraf, Quinn Aulik, Ethan Piontek (2nd place), and Tavis Wilcox (5th place)
EPES Shrom Tripathi
EPES 4th place winner Shrom Tripathi
Math 24
MES representative Riley Frederick


  1. Hi,

    My daughter competed in the 24 math challenge, but the article is password protected, so I’m unable to view it?

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