Blue2 Percussion at DeForest Area Middle School this weekend

Blue2 Promo 5The DeForest Area Middle School Bands are proud to host Blue2 Percussion, which will be performing a free show on Saturday, April 16 at 5 PM in the middle school 5/6 gym. They will also provide a free clinic to interested middle and high school percussion students prior to the concert at 4 PM.
Blue2 Percussion is an exciting new regional indoor drumline program based out of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. With over 40 members in grades 7-12, Blue2 performs and provides clinics around Wisconsin and can also be seen performing regularly at Mukwonago sporting events.
The group has both a JV and a Varsity Ensemble, and each performs a separate show. The Varsity Ensemble’s production is titled “Mechanize,” a show that sees all of the members of the ensemble turned into parts of a giant, working machine. The show not only utilizes sampled industrial sounds (such as engines, drills, and steam), but the music also uses elements from popular styles such as electronic dance music and dubstep.
The JV Ensemble is performing “…to the Moon,” a show about space travel centered around JFK’s famed 1962 “We choose to go to the Moon” speech.
For more information, please check them out at their website ( or on social media.
Blue2 Promo 1 Blue2 Promo 2Blue2 Promo 3 Blue2 Promo 4 Group Photo

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