Middle school students attend 51st Annual Youth Government Day

Youth Government Day-1
Pictured are: (L-R) Row 1: Giselle Garduno-Nunez, Sara Noltemeyer, Mya Rotzoll, Natalie Skaife, Cali Scholes, Anna Yesbeck, Grace Wilde, Leah Doucette, Gent Beluli. Row 2: Benjamin Brandl, Brandon Vang, Jenasea Hameister, Trinity French, Marcus Schnell, Riley Schwartz, Spencer Treinen. Row 3: Logan Bierman, Edwyn Erickson, William Koenen, Henry Rohde, Isaac Dieckow

On April 19th, 24 eighth grade students attended the 51st Annual Dane County Youth Government Day in Madison.  The day is sponsored annually by the American Legion.  Two DeForest Legion representatives, Rich Hankins and Wayne Noltemeyer, along with social studies teacher Greg Vandehey, accompanied the group.  Students started at the Dane County Courthouse, along with students from several Dane County schools.  They were welcomed by Carlo Esqueda, Dane County Clerk of Courts.   Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi, also spoke to the students and emphasized the importance of local government.

Students learned about the history of Dane County, the organization of its government, and the current county officials.  Some of the offices students visited and learned about included:  Public Safety Building, Courthouses, District Attorney’s Office, Clerk of Courts, Treasurer, County Clerk, Executive Office, Sheriff, and Register of Deeds.  Students learned about the process for jury selection.  A deputy also talked to students about ways they can be role models to help prevent bullying at school, at home, and on the Internet, including the importance of reporting it to an adult.

The day concluded with a deputy from the Dane County K-9 unit, Keith Kelly, and his dog, Rico.  Mr. Kelly talked to the students about how Rico was trained, and described how Rico helps the Dane County Sheriff’s Department provide safety to citizens.  Hankins and Noltemeyer guided the tours and the local DeForest Legion made a contribution to cover a lunch from Subway for all DeForest students attending.

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