DAHS STEM project celebrated with beam signing

On Tuesday, May 17, several staff, students, project staff, and community members celebrated the DeForest Area High School’s STEM construction project by signing a gold painted steel beam that will be used in the building addition.   The beam will be available for signing from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm on Wednesday, May 18.  Stop by to leave your mark, and take a commemorative photo!

After school board Vice President Steve Tenpas and DASD Superintendent Dr. Sue Borden welcomed guests, others shared their appreciation to the community and school district for their support of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum and facility at the high school.  Speakers included Dale Evans, President of EVCO Plastics; Dan Kvalheim, Agriculture/Technology Education Teacher; high school students Kevin Hatch, Isabel Overman, and Natalie Peterson; Findorff President Mike Dillis; President of Bray Architects, Matt Wolfert; and DAHS Principal Machell Schwarz.

IMG_3714 IMG_3727IMG_3710 IMG_3694 IMG_3718 IMG_3719IMG_3737IMG_3728

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