High school student mentors thank Officer Johnson

20161007_104954On October 7, the DeForest Area High School Norski Mentors hosted a celebration to thank School Resource Officer Officer Brian Johnson and our DeForest Police Dept for their service. “Our community is very lucky to have the men and women in our community that serve and protect us,” said Rebecca Schneider, school counselor and advisor to the group.
The Norski Mentors gave Officer Johnson and the police department some small tokens of appreciation, such as donuts, Pepsi (Officer Johnson’s favorite), healthy energy snacks and lifesavers.20161007_105418

The high school Norski Mentor Program is a school community-building program, where the experience of successful upperclassmen help guide and support freshmen students. At the same time, these upperclassmen gain leadership experience. The program aims to increase academic achievement and increase interaction among students in each grade level. Schools that have used this method have seen double digit percent reductions in freshman truancy, referrals and hazings.

The upperclassmen chosen for these positions are selected based on communications skills, responsibility, self-confidence, organization and enthusiasm.

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